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"The major housing projects undertaken at the most affordable rates "

Delhi is fast becoming the preferred housing destination of a major number of people in the country. The Diamond Multi-State Cooperative Group Housing Society is one of the leading groups that are making way to this are to avail the benefits of a flourishing real estate market. The company has already undertaken many top-notch housing projects in the region. The one factor that gives this group an edge over the others is that they always deliver quality in the projects that they have completed.

The region where most of their housing initiatives are located is in the states of Haryana and Delhi. The company effortlessly blends top-class technology with the zeal to bring about social development. The combination of these two is perfectly reflected in the fact that it is a major member of the Multi-State Cooperative Society Act of 2002. It has vouched to make getting the dream homes a reality for the people.

The headquarters of the company is located in the National capital region of New Delhi. The company has been making the people of the region happy by giving them comfortable homes that are also supremely luxurious. The Master Plan Delhi of 2022 is the scheme that the company has taken help of in building the housing projects. The aim is to make the house affordable enough so that every individual gets to live in their own house.

The major partner of the Diamond Multi-State Cooperative Group Housing Society is another renowned and reliable group of the region- the Antriksh Group. The partners believe that the ordinary people must get access to great housing without having to go through any hassle. Both the government job holders and those that work in other sectors can get a place to call their own at a very low price. This also happens to be one of the major aims of the Master Plan Delhi of 2022. The Government has kept in mind the needs and the benefits of all in coming up with the plan. The company is taking the initiatives to contribute to the plans.